RainSoft has been serving residential, commercial, and industrial needs around the world since 1953. Our water treatment and air purification systems are all built incorporating the best in R&D and engineering, and carry the finest warranties in the industry.


Water Treatment

You may benefit from water treatment or air purification. RainSoft has a full line of treatment systems designed to treat just about any situation encountered that involves air or water problems.

RainSoft is environmentally friendly.The reduction of excess soap usage and the lack of need for plastic drinking water bottles helps ensure less stress on septic systems and landfills.

RainSoft can help improve dry skin and dull looking hair. Water that isn't softened and conditioned can leave soap and shampoo residue behind, aggravating dry skin and dry hair problems.

If only your pipes could talk, they’d ask for a RainSoft system. Minerals and chemical compounds in your water can damage your pipes, restrict water flow to a trickle and shorten the life of many major appliances.

RainSoft can make you a better cook. Really. With our in home water treatment systems, the fruits and vegetables you wash, and the food and beverages you prepare with the resulting drinking water taste better and look more appealing.

Detergent companies don't like RainSoft. RainSoft's super-sudsing action means you'll need less soap, shampoo and detergents for everything from bathing and doing dishes to laundry and cleaning.

You CAN take it with you. Your RainSoft in home water treatment system is built to last and carries a limited lifetime warranty, so you can exclude it from your real estate contract and take it with you to your next home.

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Rainsoft Forest Hill, Forest Hill Water TreatmentRainsoft Forest Hill, Forest Hill Water Treatment